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Fluor rubber (FKM/FPM)  is characterized with great chemical resistance to high temperatures…


Silicone rubber (MVQ) is characterized with high resistance to high and low temperatures…

Fluorosilicone rubber materials (FMVQ) are fluorinated methyl-silicone rubber materials…

Perfluoroelastomer rubber (FFKM) is widely used in high-quality sealing production, because the material is…

Tetrafluoroethylene propylene rubber (FEPM) is a kind of rubber compound which contains alternated copolymers of…

About us

We are a rapidly growing provider of the highest quality fluorine rubber compounds and products, with a large number of customers in UK and all across Europe.


We are committed to meeting all our customers’ expectations, even the most demanding ones. That’s why, we offer a wide variety of products, in terms of their parameters, sizes and types. We provide our customers with raw materials used in sealing production, in the form of fluorine rubber compounds, and finished products, such as sheets, cords or profiles.


Your satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we never shy away from unusual orders, such as cords with various cross-sections or non-standard profiles.

What makes us stand out?


       ⇒    The highest quality of our products


       ⇒    Competitive prices


        ⇒   Short lead times


        ⇒   Individual approach to every client


To learn more about what our company has to offer and to contact us directly if you have any questions – we are waiting for your message.

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